Immersion Program in Johannesburg, South Africa

This season, we provide an exclusive opportunity to students to explore South Africa as a study and career destination, while discovering the nature, adventure and culture of this unique country!

In association with Regenesys Business School, we bring to you The International Certificate and Study Tour Programme (ICSTP), a 10 days industry immersion course in Johannesburg, SA.

About the programme:

The International Certificate and Study Tour Programme (ICSTP) offers 7 unique certification courses which are key essentials to the business environment today. These certifications offer accelerated international study immersion courses that are designed keeping in mind the intricacies involved with managing interdependent divisions within an organisation. These specialised management certifications present the students, an opportunity to experience the business ecosystem, learn from industry stalwarts & help them hone their leadership and management skills.

Courses to choose from:

•   Retail Management

•   Operations Management

•   Advanced Project Management

•   Advanced Financial Management

•   Data Analytics and Management

•   Advanced Information & Communication Technology

•   Digital Marketing

Features of ICSTP

•   Accelerated International certification from Regenesys Business School, the 4th ranked B-School in South Africa (PMR Africa, 2015)

•   Opportunity to travel and experience an international destination

•   Interactive session with well known South African business leaders & industry visits

•   Exposure to Africa’s business ecosystem, one of the world’s fastest growing economies

Key Benefits of ICSTP

•   Exposure to a culturally diverse and dynamic nation

•   International certificate from Regenesys Business School

•   The opportunity to travel and experience South Africa

•   Industry interface for understanding business processes and operations